Tuition by Top Teachers' mission is to inspire and to empower students who want to improve their understanding and their grades, be they presently underperforming or be they excelling. In particular, we specialise in small-group tuition in mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, calculus and statistics. Most of our clients are secondary school students preparing for NCEA, Cambridge & IB exams, but we can assist anyone, from primary school pupils through to university students. We also help students preparing for their SAT or their UMAT exams.

We can meet the needs of students seeking one-on-one tuition in English and other subjects by referring them to suitably qualified and experienced tutors.

It is possible that a free ride can be provided to tuition at our St Andrew's Teaching Centre.

Visits to Top Teachers are most welcome, whether to discuss a student's needs or to observe our tuition programmes in action.


Tutors interested in working in association with Top Teachers are invited to complete the online form at

or submit their cv to

or write to:

M. Ferri
6 Dallinger Street
Hamilton 3200